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Asian Experience  
Asiatini 14
Fresh ginger, fresh lime juice, triple sec,  
Premium vodka  
Asiapolitan 12
Fresh lemongrass, cane sugar syrup,  
Cranberry juice, vodka, sake   
Raspberry Saketini 18
Fresh raspberry puree, cassis liqueur,  
Pineapple syrup and sake  
Instant Martini  
Pineapple Spicy 9
Fresh pineapple puree, pineapple syrup,  
Premium vodka infused Thai chilli  
Kiwi & Cucumber 12
Fresh kiwi, cucumber, citrus vodka  
and elderflower syrup  
Red Dragon 17
Red pepper, strawberry puree,  
Apple liqueur , vodka, passion fruit liqueur  
Champagne Concoction  
Bubble Wap 15
Sparkling wine, elderflower syrup,  
Strawberry puree  
Asian Sea 12
Lychee, Sparkling wine, sugar cane  
Syrup, blue Curacao  
Long Concoction  
Spicy White 18
Lime, raspberry & rose syrup, cherry liquor,  
Gin infused ground white pepper, ginger ale  
So Be @ Miami 18
Fresh grapefruit, mint leaves, homemade  
Vanilla sugar, gin, tonic water  
The Ultimate 25
Fresh pineapple, almond syrup,  
Almond liqueur, Cointreau, soya milk,  
Infused Tiki rum, passion fruit puree.  
Heart of darkness   15
Red grapes, lemon juice,  
Cinnamon syrup, vodka, part wine,   
Tea Time  
Vanilla Passion Tea 15
Fresh passion fruit puree, passion fruit liqueur,  
Vanilla tea infused premium vodka,  
Sugar cane syrup  
Apple Grey Tea 12
Fresh red apple, apple liqueur, earl grey  
Tea infused premium vodka, sugar cane syrup  
Short Concoction  
Ying yang 15
Coconut puree, lime juice, chilli infused gin  
Little One 18
Lemongrass, passion fruit puree,  
Almond syrup,tequila  

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