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Our Menu / Wine Menu / SAKES

  glass 100 ml
Shochikubai classic 15% 14
The most traditional sake of the  
range Takara. Appreciate it warm.  
Suits perfectly in the slightly flavored dishes.  
Light and generous  
  bottle 300ml
<< Sierra Cold>> Junmai Ginjo  12% 75
Innovation in the world of the Sake. It is  
Brewed with special yeast which enriches the  
Flavors  just like original Sake. It is  
Recommended during a meal or as on aperitif.  
Soft and silky  
  bottle 375ml
<<Silky Mild>> Nigori Junmai 15% 85
Appearance is unfiltered and thick.  
Soft and silky in mouth , it is the softest of all the sakes of Takara.  
Perfect as aperitif or digestive.  

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